Dr. Marc Gillinov: The Superiority of the Sternotomy Concomitant Surgical Ablation

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0 YouTube Views - Published July 30, 2020
Featured Speaker: Dr. Marc Gillinov

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Dr. Marc Gillinov discusses the advantages of the full sternotomy when doing a full Cox Maze IV.

Video Transcript

For the hearing impaired members of the AFibSurgeons.org community, we have provided a written transcript below: 

Dr. Marc Gillinov:  This is going to be through a sternotomy. People with tremendous expertise really, really tremendous experience and expertise can do these lesions I would say almost as well through a right thoracotomy or with a robot, but I will say this:  when I've got someone who's got a-fib who needs heart surgery and the a-fib is persistent or nonparoxysmal or the a-fib is very symptomatic, or they've had a TIA or a stroke and they say can you do this robotically or through a partial whatever incision, I say yeah, I can, but I don't do as good a job. If I were you, and I'm having heart surgery, and I've got nonparoxysmal a-fib or symptomatic a-fib, I would go with a sternotomy because I can get your appendage. I can get the coronary sinus, left mitral lesion from both sides. In my hands, and I think in most people's hands, this procedure's going to be most effective through a sternotomy.