HONcode Certification

On March 22, 2019, AFibSurgeons.org received HONcode certification from the Health on the Net Foundation, a non-profit organization with relations to the World Health Organization (WHO), which promotes transparent and reliable health information online.

In receiving the HONcode certification, AFibSurgeons.org joined 8,000 health-related websites that follow an appropriate and ethical set of standards to accurately share reliable health information.


The HONcode relies on eight governing principles which AFibSurgeons.org complies with:

  • Authority
  • Complementarity
  • Privacy policy
  • Attribution
  • Justifiability
  • Transparency
  • Financial disclosure
  • Advertising policy

To receive HONcode certification, AFibSurgeons.org was reviewed by medical experts during a sitewide audit.  Upon completion of that audit, AFibSurgeons.org was awarded its HONcode certification.  To verify HONcode certification for AFibSurgeons.org, please click here.